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How to Get Salt and Pepper Hair Color (Natural Gray)

salt and pepper hairstyle
Salt and pepper hair is something many of us get naturally, but there is a definite trend toward having it put on purpose. And we’re seeing beauticians asked to create a salt and pepper look for clients over a surprising age range.

Best Ombre and Balayage Hair Color in NYC? Technique, Time, Prices

ombre vs balayage differences
Balayage & Ombre in Brooklyn, NY Hair color now is not just about covering whites or grays, but it has become the style statement, the reflecti...

Botox for Hair Treatment in NYC | Everything You Should Know (What, How, Benefits, Prices)

hair botox treatment brooklyn
Hair Botox in NYC No more struggle with frizzy hair; the treatment we are going to talk about is making your hair look healthier, shinier, fuller ...

Keratin Hair-Smoothing Treatment in NYC: Know The Basics & Procedure

keratin treatment brooklyn ny
Keratin Treatment in Brooklyn NYC You are one step away to know how to get straight, swingy, silky, frizz-free hair under one treatment. There are...

Looking for the Best Hair Salon near You?

best hair salon brighton beach
The ultimate guide to finding the best hair salon in Brooklyn.