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Keratin Hair-Smoothing Treatment in NYC: Know The Basics & Procedure

Keratin Treatment in Brooklyn NYC

keratin treatment nyc

You are one step away to know how to get straight, swingy, silky, frizz-free hair under one treatment. There are plenty of hair salons near you to get keratin hair treatment done shortly but get ready as this process takes 90+ minutes of work.

What is keratin?

Keratin is the protein that is present in the hair in the form of a protective shield all over it and protects the hair from getting damaged or frizzy. It is a protein which allows the hair to stay elastic and youthful. But it gets damaged due to heating, styling, usage of chemicals over time. To treat this problem of keratin deficiency, read the basics about keratin hair treatments that make hair go all shiny, swingy and youthful again.

Who should be going for keratin hair treatment?

People who have keratin deficiency, frizzy, damaged or curly hair are the ones who need to take that treatment first.

Let’s get to the basics!

Finding a hair salon that offers the keratin treatment is the first and probably the most crucial step to getting a perfect treatment done to the hair. Make sure the chosen hair salon has the following:
🔸Offers quality treatment
🔸Delivers value for the money paid
🔸Uses supreme quality products
🔸Provides expert hair treatment

The procedure we do at Color Shop

Now, let us help you to understand how keratin treatment is being done and gives a hair its soft and shiny effect. The treatment is all about making the right choices and doing things in the proper manner that will yield expected results.

keratin treatment brooklyn

Our Stylists use Brazilian Blowout® brand for keratin hair-smoothing treatment:

1. Wash

Spraying Professional Ionic Cleanser throughout soaking wet hair and scalp and massage until foam begins to form. Rinse.

2. Dry

Towel dry to remove excess moisture. Use a spray bottle if hair dries during the treatment to re-wet. Hair should be damp, not dripping wet.

3. Divide hair

Hair must be divided into the four sections, start from the base of the head and work your way to the top.

4. Application

Using the applicator brush, lightly dust solution on the section and comb it through hair, working from roots to ends. Apply solution directly to the root - NOT the scalp.

5. Blow Dry

The efficient blow-dry would make the solution getting properly applied. Blow dry hair with medium heat as sleek and smooth as possible and 100% dry.

6. Flat Iron

It helps to seal the product into the hair. Heat it between 380 - 450ºF. Heat 1/8 inch subsections until no vapor of the product is visible. Make
the iron run from the roots to the ends. Repeat the process 4 to 7 times to ensure that the hair absorbs the treatment.

7. Rinsing

Thoroughly rinse solution from the hair. Use warm water, DO NOT shampoo.

Now the final step comes where the client has to follow the rules:
🔹Usa only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.

A quality keratin treatment will last for 4 months, and the client will feel the difference having smooth, shiny, youthful and frizz-free hair. At Color Shop - Hair Salon in Brooklyn, we fix frizzy, curly, damaged and dry hair with top rated products available and a professional approach. If you ask yourself where to get keratin treatment in NYC then ☎️text/call us for consultation or appointment.

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