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Botox for Hair Treatment in NYC | Everything You Should Know (What, How, Benefits, Prices)

Hair Botox in NYC

botox for hair brighton beach brooklyn

No more struggle with frizzy hair; the treatment we are going to talk about is making your hair look healthier, shinier, fuller and softer. The solution to all your worries is Botox For Hair.


Botox For Hair is a popular hair treatment, a protein-rich formula which helps to fix hair problems with the mixture of proteins, anti-oxidants, natural acids and healing agents. This treatment focuses on keeping hair fresh and bouncy by decreasing the amount of sweat the scalp produces.

Over-brushing, straightening, blow drying and styling damages the hair which makes hair lose its luster and strength, thus, weakening the hair. As we age, so does our hair and the production of keratin start lowering down, which is an essential protein component for its livelihood. The in-depth conditioning treatment, Hair Botox, will help to forget all the worries.



hair botox treatment brighton beach brooklyn


The anti-aging hair treatment “turns back the time” on your hair clock and helps to restore and reconstruct your hair.

1) Hair Botox has proven to be a safe treatment as compared to other treatments like keratin treatments which involve the use of dangerous chemicals. It is cheaper than other bank-busting salon treatments. This treatment does not include the use of chemicals that might harm the hair scalp.

2) Hair Botox treatment helps to regain the overall health of hair as it moisturizes the hair and recreates the strength; fixing your hair to look fabulous. This treatment even amplifies the hair growth process. There is no need to bother about split ends anymore as they will appear healthier than before.

3) Hair Botox treatment eliminates the frizz, showing shiny and softer hair. With this deep-conditioning treatment, it does not only make your hair look flowing and silky but also helps in dampening hair loss.

4) It is time effective as this treatment gives your hair a complete makeover in just 45 minutes. The effect will last for around two months, which is good news that no more monthly sessions at the salon. The hair looks rejuvenated and vibrant.

5) It helps to intensify the natural texture of hair and also helps in protecting the hair from dandruff.


Hair Botox treatment depends upon various factors such as the quality of materials used, where are you going to get the procedure done (salon or home), etc. It is not an easy DIY but can be done at home quickly. It requires to have excellent hair care skills and experience. On an average, the hair Botox treatment ranges anywhere between $70 and $300.


If you want to make this treatment to last as long as possible, then it is vital to know how to maintain hair after Hair Botox treatment.
As discussed earlier, a Hair Botox treatment lasts up to 1-2 months. But the actual period will depend upon how you take care and maintain the hair after the procedure.

Following are the tips that you should follow after getting a hair botox treatment done:
🔻The first time the hair is washed after hair Botox is 24 or 48 hours later for maximum absorption.
🔻Using the regular shampoo for washing is a huge mistake. Use sulfate-free and chemical free shampoos and conditioners.
🔻Avoid applying heat on your hair such as blow drying and straightening. If you want to use these hair styling tools, then do not forget to use heat protection spray.
🔻Avoid washing your hair frequently.
🔻Avoid dying your hair after hair Botox treatment. If you want to dye your hair, then try using natural dyes that are completely chemical free.
🔻Apply a hair mask once a week after hair Botox.
🔻Care and maintenance are the keys to the effectiveness of Hair Botox treatments. Don’t leave your hair unattended.

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hair botox treatment brooklyn

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