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Best Ombre and Balayage Hair Color in NYC? Technique, Time, Prices

Balayage & Ombre in Brooklyn, NY

ombre vs balayage
Hair color now is not just about covering whites or grays, but it has become the style statement, the reflection of identity and confidence carried by an individual. The highlighters can enhance hair color, but then it is equally important to know the correct process of applying hair colors. For that, it is necessary to understand the features of hair colors correctly. People often get confused about the most in-demand hairstyles: Ombre and Balayage. What are they and how these two are different from each other? Let's understand.


What is Ombre hair?

It is the hairstyle which involves the lightening of hair through bleaching towards the end of the hair. The word Ombre is a French word which means "the shadow." Therefore, we can see hairstyle creates a kind of shadow in the hair. The color gradually starts to fade from the top and gets utterly blond at the end or bottom of the hair. The roots are left natural and untouched, which makes it safe for the scalp. Suddenly the Ombre hairstyle took on the whole digital world by its mesmerizing and beautiful look.

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How to get Ombre Hair Color and how long does it take?

If you cannot control yourself to get your hair Ombre, then it should not be taken as a surprise. It can be done at the local hair salon or your home. It is advisable to get it done by a professional and experienced hair stylist, as well as would tell which color to opt. The traditional Ombre usually happens to be blond, but it can be done in almost any choice of color. It generally takes two hours to get Ombre done. The time could exceed or reduce depending upon the length and thickness of hair.


How much Ombre cost?

The cost of Ombre style varies depending on the standard of hair salon or the experience of a hairdresser. Local salons in Brooklyn area have an average price of $150 - $250. Many brands are coming out and launching Ombre kit to have you be able to do it at home. A single bottle could cost up to $15 - $25. Even tho it could be a bit of a difficult task to perform by yourself. Style icons and actors in NYC, pay around $200-$500 for a color session. So choose the salon and colorist according to your budget.


What is Balayage?

It is a technique of hair styling which involves stroking colors onto the hair strands. Balayage is again the French word which means "to sweep." It is done to give a faded look to your hair that will look more real and natural. The difference between Balayage and Ombre lies in the application of hair color. The hair color starts in the mid half of the hair strands and gradually blends towards the bottom. Some dark hair is left untouched at the bottom to give it look of movement in color pattern and to make it more natural. Think about a woman who has gone for sunbath and her hair typically fades due to the sunlight. This phenomenon is brought out in Balayage technique. It looks best on Brunettes. In Ombre, the difference line in the upper half of the hair and the bottom half is visible while it is not so in Balayage.

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How long does Balayage take?

Usually, it's a lengthy process. The time to Balayage hair can take around 2 - 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of hair. Thick hair has to be divided and then hand dyed. The more abundant is the hair, the more time it takes, and same goes for the length of hair. The long hair has to be colored till bottom, and therefore it increases the time as well as cost. Pro hair stylist in your area can provide you fast possible service. If you plan to do it at home, then it can take hours to get it perfect on one section of your hair.


How much does Balayage cost?

The Balayage is time-consuming and needs precise expert techniques of hand coloring that is why it costs around $150 - $250 depending upon the hair colorist experience. It can be done at home with the help of Balayage Home kits available in the store. The single bottle could cost around $20 - $30. But better to do it with professional since you are going to work with bleach and you might damage your hair. The style icons usually pay the more significant cost for a particular colorist or stylist in NYC to get unique Balayage. The love for Balayage can be understood.

In Conclusion

Ombre or Balayage, whatever the choice or color may be, one thing is evident that the wave of popularity is not going to rest now. Until and unless Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts are full of these hair colors no one can take them out of the fashion world. So what are your choices of getting yourself a new hair color?

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